Flashy Lady

Built as a conventional gear land plane, the company recently put it on floats and demonstrated the flexibility of the Sportsman kit.
The tail displays a more traditional checkerboard beautifully executed.

The prettiest plane in RARA’s pits this year must be Click Bond’s Sportsman on floats. It is on static display along the main walkway, about mid-way through the pit area. The (currently) amphibious plane was built under Glasair’s Two-Week-To-Taxi factory program in 2018 with labor provided by employees of Click Bond and high school students who had won the General Aviation Manufacturers Association’s Aviation Design Challenge. They incorporated Click Bond products everywhere that was deemed appropriate. Now we are able to inspect their work here in Reno.

While the overall paint scheme of the Click Bond plane is rather tame for a Stahr creation, the details of the “washed-out” checkerboard at the back of the floats is stunning. Stahr is reported to have said he will NEVER do that type of job again as it was too much effort. We’re betting time will change that opinion.

But, what catches your attention is the spectacular paint job. It is no surprise to learn it is another product out of John Stahr (www.stahrdesign.com)

Click Bonds display explaining the Sportsman project provide a nice introduction to kit-building for the RARA attendees passing by. Employees are also always with the plane, talking with visitors about the airplane, project, and their products.


  1. I seen the float plane at Reno this year. Quite a ship. Say hi to the people at Click Bond, l was with FAA when we approved their products for sale under TSO approval via Van Nuys MIDO.


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