Garmin Announces Free VFR Database Updates for G3X EFIS


G3X-Touch panels in an RV-7APilots love the capability of modern electronics instruments but for those needing period database updates, the cost of maintenance can be a sore spot. That’s especially true when there are multiple devices on board that each need their own database and sometimes-costly updates.

Garmin has made life a little easier for pilots with the G3X or G3X Touch systems by making the basic VFR database free. Called the “US VFR Basic Database Bundle,” the database is resident on G3X/G3X Touch screens and consists of airport and navigation data, terrain and obstacles. Updates are available every 28 days—though some of the data sets are only updated every 56 days. Garmin says that “this is a great choice for the US VFR flyer wanting simple basemap and airport information updates.”

Garmin also tweaked another database product. “Additionally, Garmin is adding extra value to the current US Mini Database Bundle subscription (now called US VFR Plus Database Bundle),” says the company. ”For the current cost of $49.99/yr users will retain the US Airport Navigation Data, Obstacles, Terrain, and SafeTaxi diagrams—but will now feature added US VFR Sectionals and US Airport Facilities Directory at no additional cost.”

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