Garmin Announces New Audio Panel/Enhanced Web Site


Garmin International announced new products today, highlighting a non-certified audio panel specifically for Experimental and Light Sport aircraft. The GMA 240 is a redesigned version of the GMA 340, and includes a four-place stereo intercom system and support for two stereo music inputs selected with a 1-2 switch. A 2.5mm front jack allows the user to override one of the sources at any time by plugging in items such as a cell phone (with a full duplex telephone interface) or an MP3 player. The phone interface feature allows the pilot to make private telephone calls or multi-party calls with the crew or passengers. Music volume is controlled by an intercom volume/squelch knob.

When connecting a GPSMAP 396/496 to the GMA 240, the pilot can adjust XM music volume directly from the audio panel.

The MSRP is $895. For more information, visit Garmin.

Garmin also announced that its web site has been improved, for easier management and loading of aviation databases for handhelds and panel-mounted units. A three-step process, with no unlock codes, allows for downloading of the latest Jeppesen nav data, terrain/obstacle updates, and current AOPA directory information. Garmin said the company hopes to bundle services in the future for one-button updates.

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Mary Bernard
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