Good BBQ at SnF

Adessa Fuller and Elisha Buford, local folks cooking and serving local BBQ delicacies.

There are a plethora of food vendors at Sun ‘n Fun to cater to most any taste or gastronomical predilection. Selections range from county fair food to nine dollar glasses of lemonade. Many of these vendors are from parts unknown. They travel all spring and summer to various festivals and events to ply their wares. Every once in a while, however, you run across a food trailer manned by local folks who cook local food in a new and delicious way.

Oh, the carnage. All that is left of a half rack of tasty ribs.

One such trailer, Uncle Bucky’s BBQ, literally stole the show at Paradise City’s Thursday Sunset airshow. Offering a tight menu of pork and chicken barbecue, Adessa Fuller and Elisha Buford (Uncle Bucky) had to work fast to serve their long lines. Patrons were rewarded with moist and tasty smoked treats, seasoned with a delicate rub. Their barbecue far surpasses the commercial fare that is drowned in sweet and oily BBQ sauce. Uncle Bucky’s side offerings are all homemade. The baked beans, the product of a home recipe, are particularly good. Best of all, Adessa and Elisha are local to Lakeland. They smoke their meats during the day and serve them in the evening. The result is just a little bit of BBQ heaven. How appropriate that it is all served at Paradise City.


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