Homan Legal Eagle XL


I completed Legal Eagle XL SR 7-1/2, Snoopy’s Revenge 7-1/2 in July of 2020. It is powered by a Verner 3V engine, with 42 hp at 2500 rpm turning a Warp Drive 66″ prop. Climbs 500 fpm with 270 lb pilot, fuel burn 2.1 gph at 2,200 rpm, at 50 mph on my gps in no wind conditions. We are Part 103 at 247 pounds. Handles well, has a good roll rate and stalls are uneventful. Landing gear suspension is by the 8:00×6:00 tires operating at 4.5 psi.

This is my third Legal Eagle and I reduced weight of everything—my goal was to be well below 254 pounds.

More on my blog and video channel.

—Les Homan


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