Hot at Sun 'n Fun

A little bit of wing shade makes the afternoon airshow pleasant.

I haven’t moved much since noon, when I ventured out into the searing sunshine to hunt down a giant chicken pita for lunch. Thankfully, we have the shade of our awning and a swift southerly breeze to keep us from melting to the pavement. An ominous cold front taunted us all day yesterday with rain storms to our north, but it fizzled overnight and left us with what Tampa weatherfolk called a “potentially record high day” today. It’s the sort of day where you think you want ice cream, but you have to decide whether or not it’s really worth ruining your shirt because it will melt faster than you can slurp it into your face. 

After a round of storms tomorrow morning, they’re promising a cool-down of almost 20 degrees, from mid-90s to mid-70s! If this comes true, I just might venture out from the shade of our awning and go exploring.


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