Janovetz and Agather’s 2017 F1 Evo Rocket

J.J Janovetz, with open book, talks with an admirer about his creation.

There is a beautiful F1 Rocket prominently displayed on the corner of Knapp Street and the P-1 taxiway… across from the Fightertown arch. It is worth spending some time examining it and the builder-(co-)owner will be there most of the time, welcoming questions and showing off the bird. J.J. Janovetz, a tool-and-die maker by trade who has a small business making custom parts for older aircraft, started the build in May 2015, was sidelined by an injury shortly after that time, returned to building about February 2016, and earned its airworthiness certificate in March 2017. Since that time, the plane has flown about 75 hours and is making is debut appearance at AirVenture this year.

An iPad helps the backseat passenger have situational awareness…or entertainment.

Janovetz owns a previous Reserve Grand Champion 1958 Beech 95 Travelair, so he knows what it takes to build an award-winning airplane and this F-1 Rocket has “winner” written all over it. There are lots of custom touches, which makes for a very finished and professional look. Stop by any time through Sunday and check it out!


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