In many ways, Robrucha’s cartoons are as much a part of KITPLANES® as the airplanes themselves. Through the years, his clever, classy, always humorous artwork has graced our pages, enlivened our content and tickled our readers. But now we bid farewell to Robrucha’s presence on our back page as he eases into full retirement—though you may see him still appear in our Builder’s Marketplace section for a time. With that, we’d like to leave you with a very small sampling of some of our favorites. Clear skies and tailwinds, Bob.

—The KP Editorial Staff



  1. Knowing Bob and Mame from their time in Lincoln through EAA 569 has been one of life’s pleasures. His wit displayed through his aviation cartoons always bring a laugh. We’ve kept in touch as they moved to Colorado a couple years back. Some of us have even been inspirations in his cartoons, that’s for sure!

    Full retirement…….whatever shape it takes Bob (Robrucha!) can enjoy it and know he has kept us smiling!


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