Education and Inspiration

For the past few years, I have been working on a one-of-a-kind Super Cub-ish type of aircraft. Guidance comes from various sources, but my best source for current knowledge and methods explained is Kitplanes. I wish to thank the feature article writers for the time and devotion they obviously take to prepare such worthy pieces that guide builders like myself. Kitplanes® is like a friend who comes to my door each month to discuss my next assembly plans, or to prepare my thinking for future assemblies. My issues are full of bookmarks and important points are underlined. For example, the May issue gave me a heads up of certain cautions to watch for when installing my Jabiru 5100.

Thanks for your services rendered.

Dave Drain

Onex Revisited

We are extremely pleased and excited to see the article about our Onex design in the June issue of Kitplanes®. However, there are three minor errors we need to point out:

1. The only engine supported for the Onex is the AeroVee. We offer the Jabiru 2200 or 3300 engine for our two-place aircraft designs only.

2. The Onex has a 20-pound baggage capacity. The article quotes it as 40 pounds, which is the capacity of our two-place designs.

3. The Onex plans are not available for separate purchase for scratch building— the aircraft is offered as a kit only. The only aircraft for which we offer separate plans is our original Sonex model.

Mark Schaible
General Manager
Sonex Aircraft, LLC

I am that Person!

I am writing in response to the story by Ken Scott (June 2013). In Ken’s article, he mentions “a fellow from Washington state” collecting enough cans to buy an old Aeronca.” I am that person! I am sad to say that I had to sell it because I could no longer afford my hanger.

Now that I am older, have fewer children living at home, and make considerably more money, I would like to get back into flying. But while I can now afford to fly, I am unable to gain access to any grass field or airport, with the exception of Felts Field. I have been told “no” by almost every place to fly—at least the ones that were courteous enough to return my calls. Even the airport in Coeur d’Alene told me no because “we have jets flying in and out of here.”

I would like to thank Ken for remembering my story.

Bryan McMinn

Antenna Fabrication

I have assembled all of the components to build the antenna you described in the February 2013 issue of Kitplanes®. I understand most of the article but cannot figure out what the diagram in the bottom right of the engineered drawing indicates. The diagram is the one that shows a 0.10-inch offset from the centerline. Can you please tell me what the drawing is referring to?

Lloyd Sherk

Jim Weir responds: That is an offset of the 3/8-inch mounting hole for the BNC chassis mount connector to accommodate the connector ground lug that the coax braid gets soldered to on the INside of the plastic end cap.

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