Courtesy Light Question

I just read your courtesy light article [Common Courtesy, July 2014]. Great stuff! That’s what sets the Experimental planes apart from the rest of GA—the ability to innovate. I do have a question: I’m looking at the schematics and something seems to be off. The NE555 does not seem to get power from anywhere. Am I misreading the schematics or is there an issue with the drawing?

–Rob Turk

Jim Weir responds: You are correct. There is a wire missing between the 555 Vcc pin and the power supply. A corrected drawing is available online at www.rstengineering.com/kitplanes.

Bored with Covers

I’ve read almost every word in your mag for almost a decade, so I am a big fan in general. But I had to yawn when I saw the cover for August’s issue on yet another RV. Guys—so what if the RV-4 is 35 years old? There have got to be other types of aircraft to review; it’s a big world out there!

–Duncan Jaenicke

Thanks for being a loyal reader Duncan. You’re right, there are lots of excellent designs out there, and one of the things we are trying to do is remind potential builders that many older designs are still available. Stick with us for reviews of other classics of homebuilding—maybe you’ll want to start a nice biplane!—Ed.

The Big Squeeze

Thank you so much for the excellent article on Nicopress sleeves [December 2013]. I recently had a rudder cable fail (on the ground, thankfully) due to a slipped cable in an oval sleeve. This article had all the information I needed to learn how to repair it correctly.

–John Cooper

Glad to hear your failure happened on the ground and that we were able to help you with the fix.—Ed.

Building Again

Just received the September [2014] issue and enjoyed Chad Jensen’s Building Again. Wonderful and thoughtful. I am starting a Windwagon/Hummelbird and am enjoying the build. I considered kits, but decided plansbuilt was the way to go. For one, it gives the builder hands-on knowledge of every part, and I am no stranger to making things from scratch!

–Al Urbanec

AX50 cylinders

In your [March 2014] Engine Buyer’s Guide, you made a small error about our AX50 cylinders. The replaceable sleeves are not steel—they’re aluminum with a high silicon or Nikasil coating. In any event, should a sleeve show signs of wear, it is easily replaced. This point is important as the AX50 cost will be slightly higher than a stock Lycoming cylinder. However, it is not necessary to buy a complete new cylinder when it is worn—the aluminum sleeve is a serviceable item.

–Andrew Higgs

Thanks for additional information and clarification, Andrew. We look forward to hearing how your cylinders perform in the field.—Ed.


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