New Upright Cleco Pliers


clecall 2The Clecall Company has developed a new type of Cleco pliers and it claims to improve efficiency and ergonomics for a tool that’s used by almost all homebuilders.

The traditional pliers are made from steel. The company says they are heavy, lack ergonomics to fit the user’s hands and wrists, and have a large horizontal footprint when working in tight spaces. The Clecall Company, named after its purpose, “cleco all”, has made improvements to this staple tool with it’s “Clecall Upright Cleco Pliers.”

The “Clecall Upright Cleco Pliers” are made in the USA, and the designer claims they benefit from the following features:

  • Faster to use. Easier to Activate
  • Install clecos in tight areas with ease
  • 70% lighter than existing cleco pliers
  • Incredibly ergonomic
  • Reduce fatigue and wrist pain and the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Installs clecos on upside down surfaces
  • CNC machined

Clecall Company President, Christopher Braun, developed the tool while building his own homebuilt aircraft project, a Zenith 750 STOL, in his garage.clecall 1

After creating various cardboard and aluminum designs he had a working prototype created with the new plastic printing technology. This evolved within 1-2 weeks into the aluminum prototype of the product which is now for sale. It was released on 9/11/14,and is currently sold online through, as well as various aviation tool retailers coming soon.

For more information:


Christopher Braun, President
5701 Lone Tree Blvd Ste 116
Rocklin, CA 95765
[email protected]
916-251-9494 phone
916-242-8900 fax


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