Winner’s Circle

What’s this I hear about Paul Dye already winning some kind of award for his SubSonex? When will we see more on this airplane?

—Ralph McKimmy

We’ll answer the second question first. You can see it now since it’s on this month’s cover. Check inside for the first installment of his build series, which will run over the next 8-10 issues. Paul did, indeed, win an Outstanding Workmanship award at AirVenture this year, which, he says, took him almost totally by surprise. We’ll crow a bit for him; the airplane looks amazing in person. But that’s not all the praise the staff and close family of KITPLANES® can be proud of. Our very own Dave Prizio was awarded the coveted Tony Bingelis award from EAA, which recognizes EAA Technical Counselors for their “dedicated service and/or significant contributions to homebuilding.” We think Dave falls into both of those categories. So hats off to Paul and Dave for their duly recognized efforts.

Praise For the Website

I wanted to pass along kudos to the web team for a great job on the redesign. I love it, and I have enjoyed content from my KITPLANES® subscription through the new interface way more than ever. Keep it up. Tell the whole team that we appreciate it.

—Robert Connelly

Thanks, Robert. Praise should go to our in-house web-development team generally and to GlaStar builder Omar Filipovic specifically. While our dev people did a lot of the groundwork on the WordPress platform, Omar took on the task of reorganizing years and years of old material, recategorizing for ease of use, and generally just whipping things into shape, which is no small feat when you consider how old our platform was and how many iterations of the content were banging around. We’re just as happy with the new platform and look forward to making the most of it in the months and years to come.

Show Us Your Stuff

Have you recently finished a homebuilt? Or maybe you completed your project a while ago, but finally got around to painting it? If your plane hasn’t previously appeared in KITPLANES® Completions, send a brief description (250 words maximum) about the project and the finished aircraft. Also include a digital image of the plane (painted or unpainted). Minimum digital image size is 1500 pixels wide x 900 pixels high. Other builders may want to contact you by email, but let us know if you prefer not to have your email address published. Your aircraft will appear in the printed magazine and also on our new website. Send text and photos via this form.


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