Lycoming Discusses Development of IE2 and Availability of the IO-233 LSA Engine

Lancair's Piston Evolution features Lycoming's IE2 FADEC.

Lycoming General Manager, Michael Kraft, announced yesterday that development of the IE2 FADEC system has reached the point where Lancair, which is the first customer for the TEO-540, 350-horsepower engine, can begin taking orders for the firewall-forward package. According to Lancair personnel, the engine/FADEC package price is $115,000, plus, of course, the rest of the Evolution kit.

Kraft said that the IE2 platform will continue to grow in applications, and that the decision to start with the high-power 350-hp engine was quite intentional. It’s expected that IE2 will migrate down to lesser powered and non-turbocharged engines in the future, but that off-the-shelf systems for hombuilders are unlikely. “IE2 is a highly integrated system,” he said.

Lycoming's latest version of the IO-233 LSA engine.

Kraft also reiterated his stand on future fuels, saying that the only solution was a true 100-octane fuel. “I’ve spoken up about the fuels issue before, and I think it’s time that the OEs [original equipment manufacturers] take an active voice.” Kraft feels that technologies like IE2 are part of the solution, but in order to keep the rest of the market viable, a fuel that cannot be run in existing aircraft without modification would be economically disastrous.

The initial version of the 233 will use an updraft carburetor.

Lycoming also announced the IO-233 LSA engine, a lower-weight, 100-hp version of the O-235. The initial iteration will have an updraft carburetor, but all will have a simplified electronic ignition system using self-sustaining permanent-magnet generators. This system, developed by Champion Aerospace, will have fixed timing when the engine is running, and an automatic retard function for starting. The IO-233 will be available for airframe manufacturers but also for homebuilders through the Thunderbolt arm. The engine will be certified on sub-100-octane fuel.

For more information, visit Lycoming’s website.


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