Meet Steve and his Samson


Last year Pitts expert Steve Wolf displayed the naked frame of his latest personal project, a miniature Samson biplane, at the Rotec radial booth. This year it’s back, covered and complete.

How about it, does it look like fun? Wolf says he has no interest in kit production, but plans are a possibility. The airframe is old school; wood wings and welded tube. It would be worth buying plans just to learn construction details from one of the world’s best builders.


  1. Dear Mr. Steve Wolf,
    Neat videos of your Samson Variations! Thank you.
    Could you send me specs please of the R-985 engine Samson? I flew the R-985 for years in the Beaver and think it is a great operation.
    I would also like the specs on the Verner 9s in Samson. Thank you!
    Best regards and hope to find one of these to buy… Can you help me?
    My best regards,
    Frank Baldwin


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