Tech Geeks Rejoice


Tecat Performance Systems and development partner 51 Aero were found sharing a booth on the main concourse here at Sun ‘ Fun. Tecat builds wireless telemetry transmitters intended to beam high resolution signals off a rotating shaft. In sport aviation, our interest is shaft torque and torsional vibration. Mean shaft torque allows the equivalent of an inflight dynamometer; how would you like to adjust mixture for best power by looking at a live horsepower display?

Torsional vibration includes the the oscillating torque output of any internal combustion engine, and the resonant torques developed when the oscillating torque frequencies match any of the system natural frequencies. Those resonant periods break propeller speed reduction units. A serious development effort at any major engine or drivetrain manufacturer, and every large marine drive, includes a torsional survey. We’re way past due for the same standard in sport aviation.


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