NavWorx Ceases Operations


NavWorx – an ADS-B In and Out supplier that has provided units to many homebuilders and has marketed to the certified world – announced on their web site that they have ceased operations due to problems with the performance of their GPS data source. The FAA notified NavWorx of the non-compliant GPS module earlier this year, and NavWorx customers have been waiting for a final AD that would tel them how to make their units 2020 compliant ever since. Unfortunately, it appears that the company will not be able to supply such a solution, and has closed their doors.

There is no word regarding restitution to owners who purchased the units based on NavWorx promises that they would be compliant.

Avionics dealers and shops are cancelling orders and directing customers to contact NavWorx directly:

NavWorx, Incorporated
3706 Big A Road
Rowlett, TX 75089
1-888-NAVWORX (628-9679)


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