New Back Country Tires from Desser


image004image003Desser Tire & Rubber Company has just introduced its new line of ultimate backcountry Tundra tires. The first iteration in a series of new tire releases is the Aero Classic LSA/Experimental 8.50-6 4 ply rating smooth tire.

This tire has essentially the same dimensions as the TSO 850-6 tires that are in use currently, but is rated at 4 ply, instead of 6, and has a smooth tread profile, which is designed not to pick up pebbles and rocks, and damage the skin of the aircraft, and is highly deflected to absorb larger river rocks and gravel. This new tire incorporates a tube, and will be one of the lightest size tires in its class, and has a high speed rating of 120 mph.

This tire will easily work on most LSA tailwheel aircraft, using either Cleveland, Grove, or Matco 6” wheels and brake packages, and features a generous 5/32”+ tread depth for extended wear. It will also offer tremendous value in a tire of this size, retailing at less than $200.00 per tire, and is manufactured here in the United States.

The follow on to this tire will be a fully sanctioned FAA/TSO 8.50-6 4pr tire, that will be for type certificated aircraft use. Larger, 27” and 31” Aero Classic tires are to follow in the near future, that can be utilized as Tubeless or Tube Type application. This tire will be available in mid-summer of 2014, directly from Desser Tire & Rubber Company, Inc.

The specifications for this Aero Classic LSA/Experimental tire are:

Size: 8.50-6, tube type
Ply: 4 ply
Load Rating: 1600 lbs. @ 20PSI
Weight: 10.2 lbs.
Weight with Tube: 12.4 lbs.
Bottoming Load: 4320 lbs.
Max Speed: 120MPH
Skid Depth: .160
Outside Dimension: 22.10max
Width: 8.85” max

For further information, please check the website at for future availability of these and other new production release tires.


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