New Product: AeroPulsar TSOd LED Nav/Strobe In…


AeroLEDs has announced its latest contribution to aviation lighting 
products. The new Pulsar was designed from a clean sheet, using  
advanced mechanical/electrical computer modeling and optical ray- 
tracing software to accurately predict the performance of the final  
product. The approach was a no-compromise design that was intended  
to address all shortcomings of the existing line of competitive  
products and is intended to meet or exceed all of the FAA  
requirements for certification, says company co-founder Nate  
Calvin. The product is currently in the certification process with  
approval expected by the first quarter of 2009.

AeroPulsar LED-based nav/strobe lighting products meet TSOs C30C  
and C96C. When installed per FAR Part 91.205 c-2, 3, Pulsar  
lights will exceed the requirements of traditional legacy  
technologies such as Xenon strobes and incandescent lighting, the  
company says.

According to AeroLEDs, Pulsar features include life expectancy that  
will match the life of the airframe, zero maintenance, low power  
consumption, a product manufactured with no environmentally harmful  
substances, elimination of RF noise, low weight (less than 12  
ounces), low drag, direct retrofit and multi-voltage inputs (9 to  
30 VDC).

The AeroPulsar price is $995 per pair.

For more information, visit AeroLEDs.

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