New Product: Audio Panel Solutions


Vx Aviation of Vancouver, British Columbia, has announced three products for non-certified aircraft that add capability, reduce cost and potentially simplify audio system installation. They are the AMX-2A 10-channel audio mixer, the ASX-2A stereo headphone music amplifier and the AL-1A tone annunciator.

The AMX-2A ($145) manages all voice communications, tone annunciators, alarms and miscellaneous audio. It allows connection to intercoms, audio panels and radios even if they don’t have auxiliary inputs, which allows for simple retrofitting and upgrades. Four of the 10 inputs have volume controls to allow adjustment of fixed-level sources.

The ASX-2A ($95) allows for insertion of high-fidelity stereo music into monophonic audio systems. Auto-muting is included so that com and alarms have priority. The unit is powered by the main electric bus, and provides about double the power available from a battery-powered amplifier, the company says. A kit for portable applications allows connection to existing aircraft jacks, power and music sources.

The Al-1A ($55) augments or replaces electromechanical buzzers or horns and generates tones for aircraft audio systems. Because it’s part of the audio system, it triggers auto-mute circuits so that alarms can be heard over music. High-level and low-level sense inputs offer frequency and repetition rates that are adjustable for multiple device installations.

For more information, visit VxAviation.


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