New Sunbeam Landing/Taxi/Recognition Light


AeroLEDs has completed testing on its new Sunbeam landing/taxi/recognition light, which features two intense light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Featuring a 50,000-hour life, the Sunbeams are produced in a rectangular format to fit Light Sport and Experimental aircraft.

The Sunbeam requires 25 watts of power to produce over 100 watts or 60,000 candela, which amounts to 1600+ lumens. Featuring wig-wag capability, the AeroLEDs can be seen in hazy daylight long before people can make out the airframe, the company says. Individual lights have a built in pulsing capability that is nearly as effective as the wig-wagging.

Like all AeroLEDs products, the Sunbeam is completely sealed. It is protected against overheating with a built-in protection circuit and is also secured against lightning, voltage spikes, reverse voltage and under-voltage conditions. The Sunbeam is 2.8 inches high, 4.03 inches wide and 1.36 inches deep. It sells for $499.

For more information, visit, or call 208/850-3294.


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