Peltors New ANR9500 Digital Headset Quiets and Soothes


Peltor Aviations brand new active noise reduction headset, the ANR9500, recently debuted, combining the recognizable Peltor white ear cups with sophisticated, adaptable ANR technology. The ANR9500 uses two active noise-canceling technologies: Standard analog technology is the choice for frequencies below 250 Hz, until it reaches its limits. From 250 to 2000 Hz, the digital ANC technology kicks in. If there’s no power to the headset, the ear cups themselves provide 23 dB of passive protection, and the ANC provides another 12 dB.

The ANR9500 has a few neat features: The control module can select the equalization for a single- or twin-engine airplane, or for a helicopter. Peltors Don Peyton explained that the headset can sense when its in sound, and will automatically turn on both the analog and digital components. The analog circuit will always take a picture of the sound, recreate the opposite and reintroduce it. The digital circuit uses a computer software program that monitors the frequency response and produces the opposite based on what it records, thereby getting a higher frequency response.

The control module also shows a set of hollow ear cups when the ANR is off or in power-saving mode. When you introduce sound to the headsets, the ear cup graphic appears to be filled up. You can also choose several battery types: lithium, nickel metal hydride or rechargeables. The ANR9500 will function in stereo or mono, has a bass boost feature, and you can turn the battery auto shutoff on or off. It also features cable inputs for a cell phone, a music source and has a cable for using panel power. The headband has been redesigned, and is incredibly comfortable-its been widened, and additional cushioning has been added. The 14.5-ounce headset still folds into itself for compact storage.Priced at $795, it includes the standard liquid and foam combo ear cushions, or all-gel cushions.

For more information, visit Peltor Aviation.


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