Poker Run, For Fun


Not everything here at KITPLANES has to be serious news, you know. Here’s some footage of me and my boyfriend, Brian Hickman, flying his family’s 1947 Cessna 140 on the EAA Chapter 105’s annual poker run. I started creating these vlog-style videos because I really wanted to learn how to edit video—something I’d been dreaming of delving into since high school.

It wasn’t until I became a pilot that I decided it was finally time to buy a camera. I started filming in 2021, in the midst of the pandemic, and began sharing this fun world of ours with those who don’t get to go up in small airplanes. I think these videos have provided a nice escape from reality for a lot of people. Hope you enjoy!

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Ariana Rayment
Ariana Rayment is an instrument-rated private pilot from Tacoma, Washington. She discovered her love of flying through her former purchasing role at Glasair Aviation. She loves the Reno Air Races, where she stands alongside Jeff LaVelle as his crew chief and pals around with her friends in Sport Class.



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