Powergenie Starts and Stops Hour Meter Automatically


Highland Industries has introduced Powergenie, a power control unit for Rotax engines (503 through 912) and other two-stroke engines. According to the company, with Powergenie installed, your hour meter will run only when the engine itself is running, eliminating the need to rely on the master or engine switch.

You can power up the airplanes electrical system on the ground for radio work or general maintenance and testing without clocking aircraft time. In addition, you can use Powergenie to power other equipment like beacons, strobes and landing lights for automatic operation when the engine is running.

In theory, the ability to log true time will enhance your aircrafts resale value by preventing its artificial aging and will produce more precise engine and airframe component timeout figures.

Weighing less than an ounce, the Powergenie sells for $29.98 plus $3 shipping; it carries a six-month guarantee. For more information or to order, call 604/530-9799 or visit www.powergenie.central5.com.

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