Rusk Experimental Javron SuperCub


Rusk SuperCub

The genesis for the airplane was in June of 2011. The airplane first flew in May 2015. Actual building time was about 3-1/2 years. This is my second experimental SuperCub. The kit was produced by Javron in Brainerd, MN. It has a full compliment of “Alaska Mods” to meet its primary mission of travel, exploration, and wilderness camping up North.

Significant attention to the issue of weight was paid throughout the build and resulted in a lightweight “bush-ready” Cub. Empty weight came in at 1052 lb. on Bushwheels with an O-360, square wings, and all the mods. Its empty weight is 1325 lb. on Wipline 2100A amphibious floats. The tail number, N316BR, is from the Scripture – John 3:16. A huge, and very detailed, “how to” thread was kept on the website. In the thread I tried to explain not only how I did things but also why. I was very blessed to have lots of great input from the Supercub community and all those inputs remain in the thread. The thread become so big I included a index in the first post.

Bill Rusk
Poplar Grove, IL

Rusk SuperCub

Rusk SuperCub in the Idaho backcountry
Rusk SuperCub in the Idaho backcountry


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