Russ and Carole Roberts’s Zenith STOL 750


On November 7, 2011, we obtained an airworthiness certificate for our Zenith STOL 750 kit aircraft. As first-time builders, we spent 2746 hours over two years and 10 months in the effort.

The kit includes the airframe and avionics from Zenith and a Jabiru 3300 engine firewall-forward kit. Carole’s older brother was a machinist mate aboard the old USS Lexington (CV-2) from 1938 until it was sunk in the battle of the Coral Sea on May 8, 1942. In his memory, the project was painted in the colors of a particular aircraft in Fighter Squadron 2 aboard the ship at that time. This includes a yellow tail, indicating the Lexington, and a red cowl, indicating the Section 1 leader of the squadron. Thanks for the assistance from fellow pilots Barrie Strachan and Jim Rosser.

Harmony, Utah


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