Feature-Rich Handheld Nav/Com


The all-new SP-400 sets a new standard, with features previously reserved for panel avionics. Sportys Vice President John Zimmerman says that now, for roughly the price of a tank of gas, pilots can have the peace of mind of a totally portable nav/com with ILS.

New features of the SP-400 include full ILS display (localizer and glideslope), VOR display with user-selectable OBS and real-time bearing to station, a large high-resolution screen, backlit keypad, one-touch emergency frequency button (121.5), visual memory channel recall that shows five frequencies, NOAA weather radio stations (pre-programmed), and side tone so that you can hear yourself talk when using a headset, the company says.

Every feature can be operated with one hand, useful in an emergency. There are dedicated squelch and volume knobs for fast, precise adjustment, and a handy last-frequency button to make it easy to flip-flop frequencies. Just type in your desired frequency and the radio does the rest.

The SP-400 is powered by 8 AA batteries, and is offered with a full five-year warranty. An alkaline battery pack, antenna, wrist strap and instruction manual are included. The price is $399.

For more information (and to see a demo video), visit www.sportys.com.


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