Stratomaster Adds to Line of Glass Instruments with the Ultra Horizon XL


Pilots crave flexibilitycall it the Type A personality in all of usand Stratomaster has provided just that in the new Ultra Horizon XL. This monochromatic EFIS has new user-configurable screens that allow for personalization; these screens can be customized to place the instruments in different places on the display but can also be disabled easily for a simplified layout.

In addition to the normal flight informationaltitude, rate of climb, airspeed, heading and attitude referencethe Ultra provides up to 12 channels of EGTs and CHTs, manifold pressure and engine rpm, oil temperature and pressure, and up to two fuel-level inputs. It will also accept fuel-flow readings with an optional flow sensor.

The Stratomaster is a dual-box system, with a panel display and remotely mounted Remote Data Acquisition Computer. One of the more clever features of the Ultra Horizon XL is the ability to automatically log flights in the units memory. The flight parameters recorded include: date and time; highest altitude reached; maximum speed; and Hobbs meter reading.

Prices start at $1095 for the basic Ultra Horizon. Various compass/attitude sensor packages run from $125 for a compass input to $875 with the full compass/attitude kit. Engine-monitoring add-ons run $159 for 12 thermocouples to $239 including a manifold-pressure sensor; this is plus the cost of the probes/sensors themselves. A full-house kit for a four-cylinder engine (including fuel flow) runs $2640.

For more information, contact Stratomaster dealer Sport Flying Shop at 877/8-FLYING or visit



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