Cleco Pads


I recently painted the glareshield section of the top forward fuselage skin before gluing the canopy. Lots of work was invested, and I didn’t want it scratched when inserting and removing Clecoes. Aircraft Spruce sells “No-Mar” Reusable Cleco Boots in packs of 25 for $10.70, but there are close to 200 holes just in the glareshield area. Yeow!

Here’s a cheap alternative. Go to the aviation isle at the local store and pick up a box of reinforcement labels. Super cheap. Just peel and stick to the Cleco, then insert.

Use the leftover labels to fix all those pages falling out of your builder’s log. Build on!


  1. Put your reinforcement labels when your builder info book is new, this way it will stay nice instead of fixing it afterward, also easyer to installe on a perfect hole.
    Happy flying.


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