Sun ‘n Fun 2024: First Impressions

Lemon-om-nom-nom. (Photo: Amy Wilder)

Here are some quick, but candid impressions from my first day at the Sun ‘n Fun air show in Lakeland, Florida. I skipped attending last year, so my comparisons are really from the event 2 years ago. I drove my RV from the northern part of the country down to Florida and I always look forward to the show’s large, open field campground accommodations. I was pleased to see they are giving the camping community great attention. First, the check in lines for camping registration were large and numerous—speeding the process of paying and getting in. (I think the old area they used a couple of years ago is now under construction for some other purpose).

Designated parking spots.

Second, I was so happy to see the huge, grass overflow camping lot marked with manicured paint lines that delineated each camping location. In previous years everyone just parked wherever they pleased—some campers hogging large areas and others getting short changed. The effort and thought that went into this preparation made it very clear where to place your RV.

It’s Florida and the weather is great! (Easy for a northerner to claim!) I cannot say with any evidence about the exact size of the turnout, but my impression is that it was typically busy, people-wise, for the first day. The indoor exhibitor buildings were full and active. Outside was the same—a good crowd observed as I walked the aisles. I didn’t quite make it to the ultralight area today (will use the trams tomorrow for an expedited travel). Just cannot see enough on the first day.

Plenty of gadgets to be bought at the show. (Photo: Amy Wilder)

There is something I really like about this place. Maybe it is because it is a little smaller and manageable than the “other” big convention. Maybe it’s because it’s Florida, where vacations are commonplace. In any case, I am looking for more adventure tomorrow.

Remember, generators in the campground are to be turned off by 10:00 pm so everyone can get a good night’s sleep!


    • Hi Jeff, I was am very pleased to say it has worked out better than expected (not always true for some of my crazy projects). Gas mileage is poor (8mpg highway) but it is very heavy (12,000 lbs). More field testing ahead! Thanks for asking.

  1. The volunteer effort behind SnF is 2nd only to OSH. How do I know? On Friday chapter 175’s Rich Deaton had us making chicken wraps… !2000! of them! Fine people forged into a team by a charismatic guy – next year stop by the kitchen!


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