The Best of… Kitplanes Monthly Photo Contest


PhotoContest2Kitplanes readers are our best source of material, ideas – and inspiration! The homebuilt aircraft community is full of clever and innovative people, and our goal is to share as many useful ideas among the widest audience of builders and fliers in order to help everyone construct, maintain, and fly better airplanes. There is nothing like a little contest to help folks  share more and better ideas, but our editorial staff is smart enough to not try and judge the “Best” of anything among a sea of good ideas – so we’ll ask for help from our readership. Each month, we’ll ask for pictures of a specific element of Experimental aviation – the best VFR panel, the best underwing camping arrangement, the best example of aircraft wiring – and then we’ll ask our readers to choose the idea or example that is the “best of the best.”

Aircraft-Spruce_gift_cardThis month, we’d like you to send us pictures of the best example of aircraft wiring. Whether it is behind the panel, firewall forward, or underneath the seats; neatness counts, as does adherence to best practices and good standards (AC 43.13 is a good guide). We’ve seen some beautiful wiring jobs, and we’ve seen some rats’ nests – now let’s see how you have done!

Send your picture via our upload form and we’ll post the the KITPLANES editorial staff’s top 3 choices for a community vote. The winning photo will earn the submitter a $25 gift card from Aircraft Spruce!



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