The Hiring Spree Continues: Zenith, Too


Recently, both Van’s Aircraft and Sonex have reached out to the homebuilder community in search of qualified employees and that’s something on Zenith’s radar as well. According to Zenith president Sebastien Heintz, “Like most in the industry, our sales are very strong currently and we need to increase production to keep up with existing and new orders. We’re currently seeking help in both our shipping and fabrication departments, as well as in our office (I.T. / WordPress / SolidWorks).” Zenith is based in Mexico, Missouri, where it offers “an excellent work environment with small town midwestern hospitality.”

Here’s more about Zenith Aircraft Company, from the company: “For more than a quarter century Zenith Aircraft Company has been manufacturing easy to build and fun to fly aircraft kits designed by aeronautical engineer Chris Heintz. Zenith Aircraft is the number one brand of light sport aircraft in the United States, based on actual FAA registrations. Zenith Aircraft produces kit aircraft with superb short take-off and landing capabilities demonstrated by the STOL CH 701 and STOL CH 750 models, as well as economical two-seat cross-country cruisers: The high-wing Zenith CH 750 Cruzer and the sleek low-wing Zenith CH 650. With builder choices in mind, all Zenith aircraft kits are designed to offer builders a wide variety of suitable engines, avionics, and custom kit options. Zenith Aircraft builders typically build their own airplanes in 400-500 hours from a complete kit, or can choose to build from component kits, quick build kits, or scratch-build from plans (blueprints) only. The STOL CH 750 Super Duty, a short take-off and landing (STOL) airplane with a rear jump seat, is the latest model from Zenith Aircraft and introduces a new “unpanel” repositionable glass panel display (that completely replaces the traditional instrument panel).”


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