Tiny Transponder from uAvionix


uAvionix Transponder

It may seem like everything but the kitchen sink is included in this new, tiny transponder from uAvionix. The echo ESX is a Mode S transponder with a 200 watt 1090ES ADS-B transmitter and dual-band ADS-B receiver. Compatible with many EFBs and EFIS, it is designed to interface with the likes of Dynon, Skyview, GRT and MGL Avionics.

A small, optional control head is available if existing avionic panels are not to be used. The built-in 802.11 Wi-Fi interface and high performance AHRS capabilities mean this unit can satisfy many needs of the experimental aircraft builder. Installation appears to be simple and the 2020 requirements of 14 CFR 91.225 will be met. More information can be obtained from www.uavionix.com


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