VistaNAV 3.0 Supports New Hardware and Tricks


The latest version of portable synthetic vision software manufacturer Mercury Computer System’s VistaNAV comes with some pretty cool tricks. First, the program, in version 3.0, has been optimized for the new compact Samsung Q1 SSD tablet PC with touchscreen technology. The Samsung Q1 runs the VistaNAV CIS-1000 Class I EFB and includes moving map on approach plate and integrated synthetic vision 3-D technology, which makes the transition from VMC to IMC virtually seamless for pilots. The $4300 (show price) package includes a solid-state gyroscopic unit with adjustable barometric pressure and WAAS GPS.

“The real beauty of the 3-D synthetic system is that everything it shows you is where you will be in 9 seconds,” says VistaNAV ‘s Jeff Simon. “That allows you to begin your corrections before you actually deviate from your course, so that you fly with incredible accuracy.”

If you are willing to upgrade to the CIS-2000 system ($7000), a Class II EFB, you can integrate Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) into the VistaNAV system. This means you can use the synthetic vision to navigate to the airport. Then, with one touch of a finger on the soft button on the ultra-high resolution screen, your FLIR camera will show you in real time the condition of the runway and any obstacles, animate or inanimate, in your way. “The integration of synthetic vision and FLIR is the ultimate safety enhancement for anyone who flies in low visibility situations or at night,” says Simon.


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