And Now for Something Completely Different


One of the great aspects of events like Sun ‘n Fun is the frequency with which something new shows up. It’s unusual for those new things to be really different, but this ZJ Viera is an example of something far from the norm. Light, low to the ground and, from watching it, nimble both on the ground and in the air, the ZJ Viera motors along nicely on its little single-cylinder engine, mono gear and cantilevered wing. Rather than ramble on about its singular traits, well, you can see for yourself that this ultralight definitely represents a departure from your typical very light aircraft.

For more information, visit InterPlane.

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Dave Higdon
Dave travels far and wide as a long-time aviation journalist, so the subject of survival skills—what to pack, how to use it—was never far from his curiously sloping frontal lobes. Because we all tend to focus on the building and test-flying, knowing what to bring on that first long cross-country of the year gets lost like a Cleco in a chip storm.


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