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WxWorx Partner to Help Upgrade Nexrad

WxWorx affiliate, Baron Services, has been selected to be part of a team awarded a $43 million contract with NOAAs National Weather Service (NWS). Baron will provide design, development and production assistance for a comprehensive system-wide upgrade of the 171 NWS, FAA and Department of Defense Nexrad radars.

The upgrade will include converting the radars to dual polarization Doppler capability, which will improve the Weather Services ability to specifically identify and measure precipitation. This will allow forecasters to predict severe weather effects such as flooding more precisely.

Unlike conventional radar systems, Barons dual polarimetric radars send out both vertical and horizontal polarized beams, which enable meteorologists to see twice as much data as they can with systems that don’t employ this technology. The dual-polarimetric radars use hydrometer classification to provide more accurate information about the size, shape, orientation and shape of hydrological data, the company says.

For more information, visit the web at www.wxworx.com. A direct link can be found at http://www.kitplanes.com/


MGL Avionics announced that it has shipped the first 35 Odyssey EFIS packages in North America. The first shipment completely sold out, the company says, and subsequent shipments will be occurring monthly hereafter.

The Odyssey is a comprehensive flight, engine and navigation instrument designed for the Experimental /Light Sport Aircraft market. Like its predecessor, the Enigma, the Odysseys hardware/software concept provides a flexible platform that readily allows user modification. The latest updates include support for traffic (TIS, Zaon XRX, FLARM). Support for XM Wx Weather will be the next major update to come. The screen size is 10.4 inches.

Although the Odyssey shares all software features with the Enigma, it differs in that it has a larger screen, high-resolution VGA active TFT display, faster processor, and a CAN (automotive bus) for reading the ECU of auto engine conversions, among other features.

Prices for the single-panel Odyssey system (including engine-monitoring equipment and probes) are about $6000; dual-screen systems are less than $10,000.

For more information, call 877/835-9464, or visit the web at www.mglavionics.com. A direct link can be found at http://www.kitplanes.com/.


American Legend Aircraft has announced the availability of a ski-equipped Legend Cub. Approval was received in late 2007, and now any Legend Cub can be fitted with TrickAir skis.

The airplanes tailwheel design lends itself to flying with skis, the company says, and added that the Legend is the first Light Sport Aircraft manufacturer to offer skis as an option. “Our model 1500 is well-suited to the Legend Cub,” says TrickAir. “Its wheel penetration design allows ease of installation without lifting the plane. It skirts the wheel, and it is shaped like a wing to reduce drag.”

The skis are made of composite materials, including vinyl resin, carbon fiber, a PVC core, a structural chrome-moly frame and replaceable wear strips.

For more information, call American Legend Aircraft Company at 903/885-7000 or visit the web at www.legend.aero. For more on TrickAir, call 800/374-4237 or visit www.trickair.com. Direct links can be found at http://www.kitplanes.com/


Sky-Tec is now offering the RX12 starter for the 912/914 series of Rotax engines. Sky-Tecs HD-type starters are 10% faster and draw 10% less current than OEM HD starters, the company says. The starter weighs 4.1 pounds, and is high torque and heavy duty. It is approved for SLSA and other aircraft with 912 or 914 engines.

The list price is $379, but Sky-Tec is offering a single-unit order price of $265. Discounts are available for orders of two or more.

For more information, call 800/476-7896, or visit the web at www.skytecair.com. A direct link can be found at www.kitplanes.com.


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