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Welcome to Paradise

Paradise Aircraft, which has been manufacturing airplanes in Brazil for 25 years, is now a certified Light Sport Aircraft manufacturer in the U.S. Its P-1 SLSA was introduced at the Copperstate Expo in Arizona last fall. The P-1 can also be built as an ELSA (from a kit).

The P-1 is an all-metal, high-wing airplane that is assembled in Sebring, Florida. It has a 4130-steel-tube frame covered in aviation grade aluminum. Power is from a 100-horsepower Rotax 912ULS engine, which offers outstanding short-field takeoff and landing performance, and excellent climb rate and cruise speed, the company says.

Although it may look like a Cessna 150, that is where the similarity ends, Paradise says. The combination of the wing design and the large, moving horizontal tail (stabilator) produces a gentle but stable airplane with good stall characteristics. It has dual controls, a wide range of options, sturdy landing gear and hydraulic brakes. The cabin is 43.3 inches wide and has leather seats that can accommodate two large occupants. The behind-the-seat baggage space can carry 75 pounds and, if the seat is removed, be used as a sleeping area. Cruise is stated as 120 mph, and the range is listed as 500 miles.

The basic ready-to-fly VFR aircraft is priced at $108,830. For more information, call 561/215-4570 or visit http://www.paradiseaircraft.us.

GlaStar/Sportsman Fiberglass Panel

Fibertech Composites now offers a stylish contoured panel that maximizes practicality and use of real estate on the Glasair GlaStar or Sportsman. Fibertech says this panel will accommodate an EFIS as large as the Blue Mountain EFIS One, and it has been designed as a platform for any EFIS combination youd like to install while offering maximum visibility and aesthetic appeal.

In addition to the panel itself, customers will receive computer-cut aluminum inserts that fit the various sections of the panel. These prefab blank inserts alleviate the need for time-consuming fabrication and fitting. Paper templates of the main insert are also available prior to purchase for preliminary layout and sizing.

The price is $400. For more information, call 772/341-3704 or visit http://www.fibertechcomposites.com.

Fisher Flying Products Under New Ownership

After more than two decades in aviation, Gene Hanson and Darlene Jackson-Hanson have retired and sold Fisher Flying Products. The new owner, Paul Riedlinger, intends to continue supplying kits, plans, support and customer service to new and existing customers.

Full-size plans and replacement parts for the company’s 15 current designs will continue to be offered. The plan is to restart kit production on a number of aircraft in the Fisher product line, starting with the Dakota Hawk and then the R-80 Tiger Moth.

By the time you read this, the company should be ensconced at its new headquarters in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.

For more information, call 905/532-9900, or visit http://www.fisherflying.com.


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