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Zenith STOL CH 701 Kit for Under $30K

Combining the economical 85-hp Jabiru 2200A engine with the Light Sport-legal CH 701 airframe, Zenith Aircraft has been able to produce a complete kit for $29,980, including airframe, basic instruments, engine, exhaust and propeller. Bubble windows, electric trim, extended fuel capacity and additional baggage handling are optional. Paint and interior are not included in the kit price.

Sebastien Heintz of Zenith explained that the lower cost of the Jabiru engine makes this package possible. The Jabiru is less expensive than the Rotax 912, and the firewall-forward kit is simpler.

The two-seat CH 701 was introduced in 1986 but has seen refinements over the years including CNC cut and drilled aluminum sheets.

Contact Zenith Aircraft at 573/581-9000 or visit www.zenithair.com.

Dynon Rebate for Blue Mountain EFIS Owners, Plus Special Upgrade Pricing

Dynon Avionics is offering a rebate to owners of Blue Mountain Avionics EFISes. Builders who trade in their Blue Mountain systems for Dynon’s new SkyView units, which start shipping December 1, will receive a $1000 rebate. The rebate applies to customers who purchase either the 7-inch D700 (shown here) or 10-inch D1000 SkyView screens and an ADAHRS module. The offer will remain valid for six months after the SkyView units start shipping.

Dynon has also announced that it is offering upgrade pricing to current Dynon owners who purchase one of the SkyView systems. The company will apply 50% of the price of the legacy systems toward a new SkyView system.

Contact Dynon Avionics at 425/402-0433 or visit www.dynonavionics.com.

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