Murphy Renegade Rights for Sale


After a deal last year to sell the rights and assets of the Murphy Renegade line of aircraft fell through, the rights are again for sale. The deal includes rights to manufacturer the Renegade/Renegade Spirit, customer leads, intellectual property, fixtures and inventory. Designer Darryl Murphy will be available to the buyer on a consulting basis.

The offer also includes a partially assembled aircraft, and basic training in assembly and use of fixtures and tooling to familiarize the new owner with the aircraft and processes and to verify all tooling, drawings and documentation prior to consummation of the sale.

The Renegade is a lightweight, two seat, open air, fabric-covered kit biplane. It was designed as an easy-to-build aircraft capable of basic aerobatics. Its fuselage is aluminum and the wings are constructed from stamped aluminum ribs over formed aluminum “C” channel rear spars and extruded rectangular mainspars.

The most commonly used engines at present are the Rotax 912 and 912S, 80 or 100 hp. Recently, the 110-hp Rotec radial engine has been gaining popularity in the Renegade, and smaller engines, to 447cc, are also usable on this design. Well over 700 kits have been sold, the company says, and it will continue to take orders and sell kits pending the sale.

For more information on the Renegade offer, email  [email protected]. For more on Murphy designs, visit


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