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New Capital and New Management for Lancair

Lancair International has announced that Gene Wolstenholme is the new majority owner. Previous owner, Joe Bartels, has resigned his position as president and CEO, but will remain a minority owner of the company.

According to a press release, Wolstenholme will bring new operating capital and a new management team and a focus on the future.
We have a world-class product in our 320-knot, $1.2 million Evolution owner-built aircraft, Wolstenholme said. With five aircraft flying, and 24 customer orders, were off to a great start and we are going to focus on pushing through this down-economy and getting our incredible airplane to market.

Gene Wolstenholme, as the new majority owner and chairman, announced also that Bob Wolstenholme will be the new president and CEO; he built and is flying a Lancair IV-P. According to the company, Tom Bowen will continue to head company operations management and is the principal spokesman for the company.

This is a real win for general aviation and Lancair customers, Bowen said. But it is an even a bigger win for Lancair employees, their families, and the communities of Redmond and Bend, Oregon. It is no secret that the Central Oregon area continues to suffer through double digit unemployment, and this once vibrant aerospace manufacturing center has also suffered with the failures of Epic and Columbia. I am determined to do everything I can to maintain Lancair as a world-class company and to grow it into the future as we continue to design, build and service premium aircraft.

For more information, call 541/923-2244 or visit www.lancair.com.

Dynon Offers Upgrades to SkyView EFIS Software

In quick succession, Dynon Avionics has released versions 2.0 and 2.5 of its SkyView software, enhancing the performance of the glass panel flight system. Owners of a SkyView system can download the software free of charge from the Dynon web site.
Included in the two updates are free trial previews of an upcoming optional Navigation Mapping Software feature that allows pilots to navigate direct to airports, aviation navaids and airway intersections in the United States and up to 100 miles north of the Canadian border. It also provides basic information about airports, runways and navaids in the United States. Later in the year nav data for the rest of the world will become available, Dynon says.

Version 2.0 provides the option of adding a two-axis autopilot for $1500 with mounting kits at $25 to $75 per axis. The autopilot allows heading hold, GPS ground track hold, NAV course following, altitude hold and change with discrete vertical speed control, along with emergency 180 turn capability. With the V2.5 software the autopilot functions have been refined for smoother performance and transitions.
As part of the navigation feature set, SkyView will now paint obstacles in the synthetic vision mode and provide runways drawn to scale and with appropriate headings. What the pilot sees on the screen will be the same perspective and relative size as what can be seen through the window.

When equipped with an SV-EMS-220 module and fuel-flow sensor, SkyView 2.5 will display fuel remaining, fuel used, time remaining, fuel efficiency (mpg), fuel at waypoints and available range. That same module provides an engine run timer, engine trip timer, total flight timer and flight trip timer, in addition to tach and Hobbs.

Version 2.0 introduced wind vectors on the PFD screen, indicating direction, magnitude and crosswind component. Version 2.5 adds a new lean mode that can show how many degrees the EGT is above/below peak temperatures for optimal engine operation.

For more information, call 425/402-0433 or visit www.DynonAvionics.com.

Renegade Rights for Sale

After a deal last year to sell the rights and assets of the Murphy Renegade line of aircraft fell through, they are again for sale. The deal includes rights to manufacturer the Renegade/Renegade Spirit, customer leads, intellectual property, fixtures and inventory. Designer Darryl Murphy will be available to the buyer on a consulting basis.

The offer also includes a partially assembled aircraft, and basic training in assembly and use of fixtures and tooling to familiarize the new owner with the aircraft and processes and to verify all tooling, drawings and documentation prior to consummation of the sale.

The Renegade is a lightweight, two seat, open air, fabric-covered kit biplane. It was designed as an easy-to-build aircraft capable of basic aerobatics. Its fuselage is aluminum and the wings are constructed from stamped aluminum ribs over formed aluminum C channel rear spars and extruded rectangular mainspars.

The most commonly used engines at present are the Rotax 912 and 912S, 80 or 100 horsepower. Recently, the 110-hp Rotec radial engine has been gaining popularity in the Renegade, and smaller engines, to 447cc, are also usable on this design. Well over 700 kits have been sold, the company says, and it will continue to take orders and sell kits pending the sale.

For more information on the Renegade offer, email [email protected]. For more on Murphy designs, visit www.pattersonaerosales.com.

Supplemental Oxygen System for Dogs

The FAA requires all pilots to use supplemental oxygen after 30 minutes above 12,500 feet and at all times 14,000 feet and higher. Shouldnt your pet be provided for as well? Now you can take your dog with you to altitude thanks to Aeroxs new Canine 02 Mask supplemental oxygen system, certified to 25,000 feet. The system is currently available in five sizes: Small (Poodles, Shelties, Yorkies, Cavalier, Bichon Frise), Medium (Beagles, Keeshounds, Jack Russels, Standard Poodle), Large (Cockers Spaniels, Springers, Beagles, Boston Terriers), X-Large (Huskies, Labradors, Retrievers, Dobermans) and Giant (Great Danes, Newfies, St. Bernards, 90 to 160 pounds).

The muzzle incorporates a medium concentration continuous flow oxygen mask and frontal mesh area for best ventilation and oxygen delivery to your pets mouth and nose. All components are manufactured to the same stringent standards as the company’s other oxygen systems.

The MSRP for the basic mask is $105. If the mask needs to be set up with flow meters and plug-ins, the price is $190.

For more information, call 800/237-6902 or visit www.aerox.com.

Building on a Budget: Wings of FreedomFlitplane

Wings of Freedom, located in Hubbard, Ohio, began in 1996 when it offered the Flitplane as a kit aircraft. For a couple of years the owners were also involved in the production of the Aero-Lite 103, expanding the company to make parts for the design in 2005. Three years later, the company added the Phoenix 103. Owner Mark Klotz has been an ultralight pilot for more than 20 years, and his aim is to provide affordable flight to pilots.

The Flitplane, designed by Ed Fisher, is a Part 103-legal ultralight design that can be built from plans or purchased as a kit. Some 50 of these are flying, and the company estimates the build time to be 150 hours.

Basic specs: The single-seat Flitplane has a 27-foot wingspan and a wing area of 145 square feet. It is an open tubular airframe with a fabric-covered wing. The cockpit is 23 inches wide. Power is from a Hirth F-33 and engines can run 28 to 50 horsepower. In keeping with Part 103 requirements, empty weight is 240 pounds and gross is 600. The landing gear is a tailwheel configuration.

Performance: Cruise speed is stated as 63 mph, with a stall speed of 34 mph. The Flitplanes climb rate is 600 feet per minute after a takeoff roll of 250 feet, and the landing distance is similar at 300 feet.
Complete kit price: $8999. Plans are available for $115.

Contact: www.wingsoffreedomaviation.com.

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