Zaon PCAS XRX Traffic Available on iPad


Zaon Flight Systems has announced that traffic detected by the PCAS XRX can now be displayed on the Apple iPad using the new version of Airguide Publications Flight Guide iEFB app (v4.1+).

Traffic information is overlayed on the moving-map display, with traffic positions indicated by white open diamonds. Relative altitudes of the traffic is displayed next to their respective icons. For example, an aircraft 400 feet above would be indicated as +04. Climb or descent trend is indicated by an up or down arrow.

The Zaon PCAS XRX ($1495) can be connected to the iPad using the Flight Guide FLY-WI GPS, which comes with an external WAAS GPS antenna and has an auxiliary port to plug in the XRX.

For more information, call 800/496-9430 or visit


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