Zenith CH 750 Flight Sim Program Available as Free Download


Flight simulator files for the popular STOL CH 750 Light Sport utility airplane design are now available for the X-Plane program. X-Plane is a leader in flight simulation software, using virtual wind tunnel physics to realistically simulate aspects of flight, and is often used by designers to flight test their new creations.

The STOL CH 750 is an all-metal, high-wing, two-seat kit aircraft designed by Chris Heintz and manufactured by Zenith Aircraft Company in Mexico, Missouri.  It is available as either a kit project or as blueprints for plans builders, and meets the definition of a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA), making it eligible for operation by Sport Pilots. The basic aircraft is powered by a 100-hp Continental O-200 engine (although other engine options exist, up to 140 hp).

The design is optimized for short takeoffs and landings, and comes equipped with high-lift devices (full-span leading edge wing slats and full-span trailing edge flaperons) for optimized slow flight capability. A rugged gear system designed for off-airport use is also standard.

The current X-Plane files for the STOL CH 750 are the first edition (version 1.0).  Planned additional features will include new virtual engine installations to reflect real-life engine choices, including the ULPower, Jabiru and Rotax 912S engines, so that builders can test-fly their airframes with the different powerplants.

The STOL CH 750 X-Plane project is a creation of Olivier Faivre and HydroZ in collaboration with Zenith Aircraft Company. The X-Plane program files for the STOL CH 750 are available for free download from the Zenith Aircraft Company web site, but the X-Plane software (version 9.60+) is required.

Sadly, the airplane used as the model for this X-Plane simulation is the same one that was flipped over and destroyed at this year’s Sun ‘n Fun show, so this is now the only way to fly that particular airplane.

To download the simulation, visit http://documents.zenith.aero/stol-ch-750-x-plane-flight-simulator-files.html. For more on Zenith, visit www.zenithair.com/stolch750. The X-Plane site can be found at www.x-plane.com.

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