Georg Himmeroeder's Bearhawk


After completing my buddy’s F1 EVO we thought about building another airplane. My choice was the Bearhawk. I wanted an airplane with more utility and the Bearhawk with four seats and a huge payload was the right one. Also, the choice of engines available was a point. It took us about 6 years to complete that airplane and except the upholstery we did everything ourselves. With the instrument panel I went a little bit overboard, but after flying it for almost 60 Hrs now I am very happy with it. The airplane is equipped with an IO-540, 260HP, an MT three-blade CS prop and is fully IFR-capable. Here in the New Mexican summers and high elevations you can’t have enough power. Although my plane came out on the heavy side (empty weight 1700 lbs) compared to other Bearhawks out there the performance is excellent. At gross weight it climbs at about 1200 ft/min and cruise speed is around 120 KTAS on about 10 Gal/hr. Vx is 55 kt, Vy 72 kt, Vso is 37 kt indicated. With the two AUX tanks I have 72 Gal. fuel capacity.

The Bearhawk is a beautiful roomy cruiser and you can land it almost everywhere. Overall it was a good choice and I am very happy with the result.

Location: Alamogordo, NM

e-mail address: [email protected]




Bearhawk panel


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