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Bob Hadley is the R&D manager for a California-based consumer products company. He holds a Sport Pilot certificate and a Light-Sport Repairman certificate with inspection authorization for his Jabiru J250-SP.

Bandsaws—Cutting Through the Clutter

Bandsaws—cutting through the clutter.

Home Shop Machinist

The lathey guy’s guide to work holding.

Reamer Madness

There are a number of things you will get good at when building an airplane. At or near the top of the list is...

Home Shop Machinist

Manifold destiny—3D printing a manifold.

Home Shop Machinist

3D printing.

Home Shop Machinist

DIY safety wire drilling.

Home Shop Machinist

Kermit Weeks hangar—EAA’s home shop.

Garage Shop on Steroids

Garage shop on steroids.

Cutting Aluminum on the Table Saw

The first time I watched someone cut a one-inch thick slab of 7075 aluminum with a table saw, I thought, "You must be...

Home Shop Machinist

Machines! Part 2.

In Case You Missed it

Kit Stuff

EAA’s One Week Wonder

From a Zenith standard kit to the flight line in a week—and you can help.

A Match Made in VSWR Heaven

Why should we care about VSWR?

Quick Mount for a Handheld

Home shop machinist