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Dave Prizio has been plying the skies of the L.A. basin and beyond since 1973. Born into a family of builders, it was only natural that he would make his living as a contractor and spend his leisure time building airplanes. He has so far completed three—a GlaStar, a Glasair Sportsman, and a Texas Sport Cub—and is helping a friend build an RV-8. When he isn’t building something, he shares his love of aviation with others by flying Young Eagles or volunteering as an EAA Technical Counselor. He is also an A&P mechanic, Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR), and was a member of the EAA Homebuilt Aircraft Council for six years.

Oil Pressure Problems

Oil pressure is always a concern to anyone who flies a powered plane. Everyone knows that if your oil pressure drops to zero, your...

Maintenance Matters

Using a volt-ohm meter.

Zenith Trailer Kit

Zenith, the popular airplane kit company, is testing the waters for interest in what would be a travel trailer kit to be made with...

Sopwith 1½ Strutter

If you want to build a plane that will make you the envy of everyone at the airport and have people lined up to...


The long awaited RANS S-21 Outbound is finally here. It features all-metal construction with match-hole drilled skins and pull rivets throughout. The main structure...

Desser Tundra 31" tires

Desser Tires, the recap people, has just introduced  a 31-on how tundra tire to compete with Alaska Bushwheels. Desser says their tire and wheel...


RANS Design Inc. has brought their new S-20 LSM to AirVenture. It is much like the more familiar S-20 that came out some four...

Maintenance Matters

Aircraft maintenance records.

Getting Started on the GlaStar Project

Starting on the wings and ordering more parts.

Best Practices – Fabric

Fabric covering.

In Case You Missed it

X Marks the Spot

Light and slow, yet lacking control skittishness, the X-Air is a simple and fun way to go nowhere in particular. By Bob Grimstead.

Kit Stuff

Drawing on experience; by cartoonist Robrucha.

Rapid Prototyping and Experimental Design

Coupon testing, part 4. By Eric Stewart and Brian Paris.

Home Shop Machinist

To launch a Light Sport-redux.