Avilution – The New Way to EFIS

Mark Spencer and the  Avilution displays
Mark Spencer and the Avilution displays


Every once in a while you happen onto something actually NEW at SNF, not just improved. So it was today when I met Mark Spencer of Avilution at the Zenair display. Mark and his buddy, Tad, were standing next to a recently- completed CH750 STOL which happened to be theirs. But what really caught my eye was the 3 large screen displays across the width of the panel that certainly looked different than any of the other EFIS displays I have seen. Something new here? Sure enough, it turns out Mark and Tad have been working really hard to potentially create a new generation of cockpit information displays. Notice I didn’t say EFIS but cockpit information. That’s right. Instead of focusing on the hardware they have focused almost 100% on the software. What they are doing could very well be a game changer. Their system is Linux-based and will virtually run on any off-the-shelf hardware, and potentially any of the current EFIS hardware on the market with the proper licensing. Mark said it would even be possible to mix different brands of AHRS, with the current system using iLevil.

Mark was the individual who created the Asterisk phone system, which is the bell-weather system for small businesses, so Mark really does know how to create game-changing products. Watch for an in-depth article in the very near future.


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