Belite WoW Model


Belite extolled the features of its latest WoW (Wonder of Wonders) Plane (so named because of its paint scheme) at a press conference on Wednesday March 28 at SNF. The plane represents the prototype for a possible ASTM compliant single seater, and the company is flying the airplane under FAR Part 103, which allows operation without a medical.

“We wanted an aircraft which significantly advanced the state of the art in ultralight aircraft,” said James Wiebe, CEO of Belite Enterprises LLC.

The company says the plane has many features designed to improve takeoff, cruise and landing performance in the low-speed regimen of ultralight aircraft:

Faired lift struts, substantially reducing drag, and increasing climb rate and cruise

Faired landing gear and springs

Improved horizontal stabilizer and elevator, featuring a non-flat (aerodynamic) cross-foil

Cockpit adjustable elevator trim

Improved cockpit panel

Hoerner wingtips, increasing wing area and lift, and reducing drag

Expanded wingspan and chord

Expanded span and chord dual function flaperons

Ground-adjustable rudder trim

Hydraulic toe brakes

This prototype aircraft flies with a Hirth F33 28-hp two-stroke engine, though other engines will also be evaluated as testing continues, Wiebe said. The airframe can be made of either chrome-moly or aluminum. The main landing gear use steel springs, replacing bungees.

Wiebe will be presenting a forum on the airplane’s features Thursday, March 29 at noon in Room 11 of the Central Florida Aerospace Academy on the SNF grounds.

The WoW airplane, as seen ready to fly, is $49,000. For more information on kits or ready to fly Belite designs, visit


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