Firewall Forward: Intake and Exhaust Systems

In the next installment of KITPLANES Firewall Forward sponsored by Tempest editor at large Paul Dye takes a close look at intake and exhaust...

No Brake Fluid

Perhaps brake lines in the cockpit should be part of the preflight? This aircraft was moments away from having no left brake due to...

Consider a Second Look

I would chance a guess that most aircraft kits are primarily built by one person. While some projects are constructed by groups or teams...

Firewall Forward: Compression Testing

Unlock the mysteries of the aircraft-engine leakdown test, otherwise known as the differential compression test. KITPLANES engine meister Paul Dye breaks down the process...

Cogswell’s Molds

Some of the many cool details of Steve Cogswell’s RV project from last month’s column were the fiberglass parts made to conceal various lightening...

Can You Hear Me Now?

For those of you in aircraft with magnificent audio systems—stereo music and multi-input switching panels that have push-button selection of your half-dozen headphone inputs—this...

No Backshell and No Screw

I hate seeing D-sub connectors not supported or fastened correctly, as the wires will eventually break. In this case, two broken wires on the...

Firewall Forward: Spark Plug Maintenance

KITPLANES editor at large Paul Dye goes into detail on how to inspect and maintain conventional aircraft spark plugs in the latest installment of...

Repairing a Damaged Lead Counterweight

When trimming the elevator counterweights of a Van’s RV-14 kit, I modified one of the weights incorrectly. This led to the holes in the...

The Case of the Missing Propeller

Checkpoints: Diagnosis

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