Metal Magic: Laying Out Lines of Rivets

In this episode Paul Dye explains how to lay out lines of rivets on a workpiece—a simple task you'll be doing many times throughout...

Bad Indication or a Real Problem?

How many of us have seen an unusual engine temp/parameter indication and wondered if it was really the engine or a faulty reading? The...

Drill Guides for Mass Production

A faster way to add rivet holes to piano hinge.

Show Your Sleeves: Silver or Copper?

Nearly every aircraft utilizes metal cables to operate control surfaces like elevators, rudders and ailerons. As a builder, you may be required to fabricate...

iPad Chiller

Just about every pilot I know uses an iPad or Android tablet with ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot or WingX software. In most cases it’s their...

What You Should Know About Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers come in many shapes and sizes. Wikipedia lists some 42 different types of screwdriver tips—from the common to the almost unheard-of. Here we...

Metal Magic: Cutting and Shaping Angle Aluminum

In another segment of KITPLANES' Metal Magic series, editor at large Paul Dye shows you how to accurately cut and artfully shape even large...

Cracked Exhaust

Exhaust cracks can be insidious, although sometimes they leave a gray-looking residue. Use a bright flashlight and inspect them every time the cowling is...

Progress Report: Bits and Pieces of HOG

OK, so we’ve got that 100-watt solar panel firmly bolted to the hangar roof. Let’s take the other pieces that we have to have...

Metal Magic: How To Back Rivet

Master aircraft builder Paul Dye demonstrates how to "back rivet" metal for a clean, consistent look, and offers suggestions to avoid common mistakes. This series...

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