Temporary Downdraft Paint Booth

The complete assembled paint booth. The 90-degree dryer vent connects to the board that goes under the garage door.It gets cold in the...

Best Practices – Fastener Safety

Cotter pins, safety wire, lock washers, and thread lockers.

Best Practices – Solid Rivets

Solid rivet selection and installation.

Replacing Fuel and Oil Lines

It is a good idea to cap off the old lines and fittings as you remove each hose to avoid making a big...

Home Shop Machinist


Maintenance Matters

Rebuilding the MATCO MC-4 master cylinder.

The Creative Homebuilder

Miscellaneous ideas.


Brake caliper without safety wire.

The Home Machinist (Part 10)

You're not alone if you've been flummoxed or frustrated when trying to decode technical drawings or blueprints. They seem to use a language all their own, one that many of us are not privy to. Fear not. Author Bob Fritz will give you the tools you need to visualize the item being described, and hell make such documents intelligible to the uninitiated.

You and the Tube

For some builders, the prospect of flaring hard-line tubing is daunting. Ishmael Fuentes demystifies the process, and shows you how to get good results every time.

In Case You Missed it


Metal Magic: Making Square Instrument Holes In Aluminum

You've built most of your airplane, now it's time for cutting the instrument panel...

When the Rooster Flies

Just because real roosters don't fly doesn't mean that a 100%-original aircraft designed and painted to resemble one wont.

Product Review: Inogen Aviator

Marc Cook flies with the new Inogen oxygen system for aviation and offers a clear-headed appraisal of the systems benefits.

Building the Bearhawk LSA

Welding the fuselage.