What You Should Know About Hoses

KITPLANES editor at large Paul Dye takes you through a brief tour of the common firewall-forward hoses and discusses what to look for when...

1990 and 2006 Redux

Way back in 1990, when I had brown hair and was a wee lad of 47, I did one of my first KITPLANES® articles...

Maintenance Matters: Yearly Condition Inspections

Yearly condition inspections-the rest of the story.

Lightweight Stepladder

I affectionately refer to my Jabiru light-sport as being a “low high-wing” airplane. This is because, despite it being a high-wing configuration, you have...

Are Your Wings in the Right Spot?

If you haven’t yet decided on whether to pick a high- or low-wing aircraft kit to build, you might wonder how other builders have...

Drill Straight!

We've finished up the left spar for our Xenos motor glider, and that means starting what seems like a whole new airplane project to...

Clamp Stick

By David Paule

Fast Filter Replacements

Fuel filters are found on every aircraft that has an engine. They need to be changed after some period of use to ensure a...

Plane and Simple

Coil those sheets!

Home Shop Machinist

Flats, keys, and slots.

In Case You Missed it

Tube-Notching Made Easy

Tubemiter software creates perfect templates for fishmouths. By Jeff Point.

Orso dItalia

While its not exactly a Cub clone, Groppos new Trail kit shares some of the same DNA as Pipers classic. By Paul Bertorelli.

Tips From the New Guy

Picking your panel. By David Boeshaar.

Flying Other People’s Planes

Yes, it's fun-but beware of unexpected problems.