Blind rivet selection and installation.

Best Practices – Blind Rivets

Blind rivet selection and installation.

Magnet Clamps

Use magnets to clamp parts.

Plane and Simple

Hinges for your homebuilt.

The New Guy

Wiring your Experimental aircraft. By David Boeshaar.

Metal Working 11-part Series

Now the exceedingly popular and extraordinarily useful 11-part Build YourSkills: Metal Series is available as a single PDF. This must-have additionto your library was written by RV-7 builder Dan Checkoway and carefullyillustrated for first-time metal-workers and old hands alike. Mosteverything you need to now, from material handling and cutting to deburring,drilling and riveting is in this series.

Plane and Simple

Another method for transferring holes.

The One-Two Punch

Placing drilled holes exactly where you want them.

Practical Electrical

Battery facts and fables for the aircraft builder–Part 1. By Robert L. Nuckolls, III.


Unoiled air filter.


Loose jam nuts.

In Case You Missed it

Light Stuff

Interested in ultralights? Roy Beisswenger explains what is available and how to make the right choice for your needs.

Wind Tunnel

To find the speed, lose the drag.

Firewall Forward: Tools of the Trade

Here are the tools you'll need during your engine installation, plus suggestions for keeping them organized.

What Is My Instrument Panel Going to Cost?

A look at several options and what goes into the final price.