Multimeter Basics

I am always amazed when I get a new crop of freshman students in my basic electronics class at Sierra College that practically none...

Cutting Aluminum on the Table Saw

The first time I watched someone cut a one-inch thick slab of 7075 aluminum with a table saw, I thought, "You must be...

HOG Prime Mover

Time to stop messing around. Time to fish or cut bait. Time to…oh, you know all the rest of that stuff. Me? I’m getting...

Temporary Downdraft Paint Booth

The complete assembled paint booth. The 90-degree dryer vent connects to the board that goes under the garage door.It gets cold in the...

Aero ‘lectrics

In an ongoing attempt to update his shop and make it more energy efficient, Jim Weir puts together a winning compressor-generator combo to run the lights and whatever else needs juice.


If you're going to get a welder for aircraft work, it should be a TIG machine.

Tall Transmission Tales

(Antennas, Chapter 3)

Aero ‘lectrics

Ground that plane!

To Bead or Not to Bead?

There is no question.


Loose jam nuts.

In Case You Missed it

Aero ‘lectrics

This month, author Jim Weir lays the groundwork for a solar battery charger, complete with preliminary circuit board considerations drawn from a rats nest and details about how to order a pre-fabricated board.

A Higher Velocity

Marc Cook reviews the new twin-turbo Velocity TXL from Velocity Aircraft. Among the benefits of the new configuration, which includes two Garrett turbochargers on the Continental engine, is power that keeps performance consistent well into higher altitudes-to the tune of 250 knots at FL250.

Around the Patch

Marc Cook discusses the loss of Geared Drives Bud Warren and his daughter, as well as his decision to step down from his position as Editor-in-Chief.


Rare is the occasion when you make a part in the home shop without some sort of layout work.