The Creative Homebuilder

Make your own air-flow speed control.

Mounting On a Curve

A long time ago, when homebuilders began installing Garmin 430s—the most popular IFR GPS/nav/com of the day—we were mostly left on our own to...

Design Process: The Rudder

The fixed portion of the vertical tail of an airplane provides directional stability. The rudder provides directional control. When the pilot deflects the rudder, it...

Plane and Simple

Silicone tape-its for a lot more than just emergencies.

The Proof Is in the Putting

Putting it on the hangar roof and wiring it to the airplane, that is. This is the first of a whole lot of things...

Home Brew Bucking Bars

I've run into situations many times where a bar with a hole for a die would be so handy. It can be used to...

Aero ‘lectrics

Harbor Freight leads the charge!

We Shall Be Led Into the Light

In 1850, British physicist Joseph Swan began experimenting with paper coated with carbon in a glass tube that was partially evacuated from air. His...
From left to right: A photographer’s loupe, two watchmaker’s loupes, and a folding pocket loupe.

Home Shop Machinist: Magnification

A typical day in the shop for me would be unusual if I didn’t use a magnifier at least once.

No Brake Fluid

Perhaps brake lines in the cockpit should be part of the preflight? This aircraft was moments away from having no left brake due to...

In Case You Missed it

Challenge Yourself

It’s human nature to learn a new skill, work hard to “perfect” it and...

Taxes and Shipping Additional

Most homebuilders—and just I’m spit-balling here—have waited a long time to justify the cost of building an airplane.

Home Shop Wheel-ee

Home shop wheel-ee.

Overhauling Your Own Lycoming

Get friendly with the UPS driver who knows his way to Tulsa.