Best Practices – Fabric

Fabric covering.

Aero ‘lectrics

Proper sizing and selection of the wire that goes into an aircraft can have a profound effect on the efficacy of the installation.

The Home Machinist

Taking that first cut into the sheet metal of an aircraft panel can be daunting, and being as precise as youd like is even more so. Author Bob Fritz eases your anxiety about the process with some tips about how to use the right tool for the right job, so that the hole you get is the one you wanted.

Home Shop Machinist

Machines! Part 1.

Fuel Dipstick and Holder

The first photo shows the fuel dipstick I made in its holder, and below that is the fuel sample tester for my Van's...

The Creative Homebuilder

Buckin' where the sun don't shine.

Plane and Simple

Trailering an aircraft.

Cleco Card

If you are like most metal airplane builders, you probably have a couple of plastic cups or buckets full of Clecoes in your shop....

Aero ‘lectrics

Jim Weir lays the groundwork for a DIY LED rotating beacon project.

Home Shop Machinist