Blue film removal

Easy Blue Plastic Film Removal

A near-zero-effort way to remove the protective blue plastic film from large sheets of aluminum.

Aero ‘lectrics

How do you condition a battery not in regular use to extend its lifetime? Run it down and then charge it back up. Jim Weir explains how to achieve this with about $10 worth of parts.

Fuel Leak and Cracked Flare

A major fuel leak was discovered on this airplane not long after the first flight. The majority of the fuel in the tank leaked...

To Bead or Not to Bead?

There is no question.

Home Shop Machinist

Machines! Part 2.

Plane and Simple

Making interior cuts in sheet metal.

Metal Magic

The mysteries of the English wheel.

Aero ‘lectrics

The subject this month is Schmitt triggers and digital gates, which can be employed for a variety of purposes in homebuilt aircraft including use with switches and sensors or panel lighting.

Cleaning Fuel Injection Nozzles

By Dan Horton.

Home Shop Machinist

Flats, keys, and slots.

In Case You Missed it

Light Stuff

Cub look-alikes have been popular for years, and CubCrafters Sport Cub S2 SLSA holds its own against the competition. By Dave Martin.

Wind Tunnel

Stall flutter is the result of the elastic axis of a wings surface being aft of the aerodynamic center, resulting in instability. A vicious cycle of lift, twist, stall and lift may ensue.


Builders share their successes.

Editor’s Log

FOFUS—Fail Operational/Fail Safe.