Aero ‘lectrics

Staying current.

Maintenance Matters

Timing Slick Magnetos.

Tools for the Home Shop Machinist

Thinking of setting up a home machine shop?

DIY Adjustable Rib Centerline Marking Tool

As a new builder I came quickly to the step of needing to mark rib centerlines to align the ribs with the predrilled holes in the skin.

Aero ‘lectrics

Jim Weirs lifetimes worth of tinkering has produced a definitive list of electronics parts suppliers, and hes willing to share.

Antennas According to Jim (Ch. 1)

First, let’s talk about “polarization”; there are three polarizations. The first two are easy.

Why You Should Do Engine Oil Analysis

Engine oil analysis for aircraft is an essential element of long-term powerplant health, for both Experimental and certified aircraft. KITPLANES' Marc Cook shows how...

Organizing Rivets

We all have the same problem: Organization eludes us. It can be a nightmare when we start driving rivets. Sometimes you have several sizes...

Mounting On a Curve

A long time ago, when homebuilders began installing Garmin 430s—the most popular IFR GPS/nav/com of the day—we were mostly left on our own to...

Material Matters-Aluminum

Aluminum is usually marked by the manufacturer to indicate the alloy and temper. The markings may also include the lot number and the...

In Case You Missed it

Wind Tunnel

Pitch is not the only axis involved in making an airplane fly well. Yaw and roll are also important, and this month Barnaby Wainfan turns his attention to lateral/directional stability and its effect on flying qualities.

UMA Instruments

Analog gauges still have a place in the digital era.

Around the Patch

The FAAs John Hickey and Frank Paskiewicz got an earful at the AirVenture forum assembled to illuminate proposed changes to the 51% rule. Although some of the comments ran far afield, many more homebuilders posed thoughtful and challenging questions in an effort to help them understand where they stand with regard to the new regulations; by Marc Cook.

Analysis Tools

We don't use slide rules anymore. Back in the day, they were handy...