Engine Overhaul Part II – IRAN vs. Overhaul

Back in September 2019, we looked at the process of evaluating a troubled engine to determine just how much work it was going to...

Aero ‘lectrics

Jim Weir takes us on a tour of the FCC's aviation frequency range.

Light it Up!

How many times have you been working in the depths of your aircraft's fuselage, a flashlight in your mouth, and a work light burning...

Aero ‘lectrics

Call me a taxi (light).

Home Shop Machinist

Cool tools for lathe work.

Taking Care of Your Metal Prop

Maintenance matters

Home Shop Machinist

Using tools to make tools. Bob Hadley.

Practical Electrical

Understanding DO-160. By Robert L. Nuckolls, III.

Aero ‘lectrics

Jim Weir responds to a reader request to find a way to make any cell phone turn on an electrical device.

Maintenance Matters

Recapped tires-save money without sacrificing quality.

In Case You Missed it

Kit Stuff

Drawing on experience; by cartoonist Robrucha.

Wind Tunnel

Design process-CG loading, part 2.

Europa Returns!

Europa Aircraft is gearing up for the future with new leadership, a larger, more sophisticated manufacturing facility, and a sales force on the move.

Archive: November 1997

Ron Wanttaja sampled the still-new Van’s RV-8 for our cover story in the November...