Engine Overhaul Part II – IRAN vs. Overhaul

Back in September 2019, we looked at the process of evaluating a troubled engine to determine just how much work it was going to...

The Creative Homebuilder

Make your own pull tester.

Aero ‘lectrics

Floobydust #2.

Home Shop Machinist

The vise squad.

Home Shop Machinist

Cutting aluminum on the table saw.

Parallels, Stops, and Travel Limiters

Although the title might suggest it, this is not about parallel parking, speeding tickets, or driving of any kind.

Aircraft Wiring

Understanding alternators and voltage regulators. By Marc Ausman.

Tilting the Mill Head

Most milling machines have the capability to tilt the head to make angled cuts. This comes in handy when the workpiece can’t be conveniently...

Past Due ELT Batteries

There is a requirement for an annual ELT check to be entered into the aircraft logbooks. The batteries must be replaced prior to the...

Aero ‘lectrics

Beachball bingo.

In Case You Missed it

Engine Beat

The first step to stopping an oil leak is determining where its coming from, and thats not as easy as you might think. By Steve Ells.

Ask the DAR

Engine data plate, airworthiness certificate issued by an IA, ELT requirements with ADS-B.

Samurai Homebuilder

Using a Japanese pull saw on your aircraft project.

Ask the DAR

Mel Asberry clarifies the requirements for a builders log. The bottom line? The requirements are minimal: It should show that you actually built the aircraft, but its helpful to show as much detail as you can. And make sure you're in the photos, doing the work.