Professionally Hosed: Watch Aero Performance Build Hoses for Experimental and Certified...

Myron Nelson recently paid a visit to Aero Performance, a subsidiary of Aircraft Spruce, to see how hoses are made.

Quick Tip: In Praise of the Doodlebug

Nobody likes trying to remove dried bug residue. Unless you catch them while still, um, moist, insect remains will dry to have an impressive attachment to your airframe.

A Little Protection

A technique I learned when I bought my most recent car.

Hide the Comm

Someone asked me (after seeing the panel photo of our nascent Rocket front office) why there are circuit breakers underneath the IFR Nav/Transponder on...

Panel Tricks… and Cheats

Even if you’re only off a small fraction of an inch, the eye sees that the air vent isn’t concentric in the hole.

Will there be smoke? One builder’s RV-10 comes to life!

KITPLANES longtime contributor Larry Anglisano gets to witness the first power up of Mark Welch's partially completed Van's RV-10. A full Garmin G3X Touch...

Shop-Made “Factory Heads”

Sometimes it's form over function.

In Case You Missed It

Plane and Simple: Perfect Cuts in Aluminum

Making the perfect cut.

Marking Rivet Locations

Laying out rivet patterns can take a lot of time, especially when the drawings...

DIY Firewall Boots

Need to seal your firewall, reduce carbon monoxide and allow components to move freely? Chuck Dieterich shows you how to make firewall boots.

Turbine Temptation

Making the decision.